Harnessing Light to Destroy Pathogens: Xenon Pulse Lighting is a Safe and Effective Disinfection Alternative at Restaurants

Amglo, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty lamps, manufactures technology that is at the forefront of safe, sustainable and powerful disinfection: xenon pulse lighting. Amid the pandemic, as restaurants are working to re-open safely, restaurateurs are looking for reliable and safe methods to effectively destroy pathogens of all types in both the front and back of the house. Xenon pulse is gaining traction as an effective way to kill viruses and bacteria and can be used safely in many places. The lighting can kill pathogens on surfaces, and they do not return. It also is safe to run in an occupied room if the light is enclosed and not visible. Additionally, the lamps can also be installed in HVAC ventilation systems to scrub the air.