Aircraft Lamps

When it comes to keeping aircraft in the air Amglo has the answer. Amglo’s offers highly engineered and reliable exterior lamps for all aircraft types with the goal of reducing operator cost. Amglo’s long history in the aviation lighting began with earliest xenon flashlamps designs for aircraft recognition lights. All Amglo lamps are designed and certified in conformance to the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) specification and are also sold as a FAA-PMA approved part ready to export with assigned 8130-3 tags.

Additional benefits include: long lamp life reduces operating costs, line processes to eliminate glass stress, reduced vibration ensuring durability, consistent light output over the life of the lamp for improved safety, vibration resistant improves life of product, and 100% Q.C. Inspection.

Specific Lamp Uses

Wing Tip

Halogen Miniature Series illuminate aircraft wing tips help determine aircraft position and direction.


Belly Navigation

Miniature Series illuminate the under carriage of the fuselage for safe takeoff, landings and taxi maneuvers.

Landing Lights

Par 64 (Q4559X/Q5559) Series are extremely reliable, lightweight, increased service life for countless takeoffs and landing procedures.

Tail Number Light

Miniature / Par 36 Series are used to illuminate the company’s logo painted on the vertical tail. While useful for advertising, the primary purpose of these lights is safety since the bright lights help to make the plane more visible.

Cargo/Baggage Light

Miniature Series used for cargo baggage compartments are rugged and reliable illumination providing safety for ground and maintenance crews.

Wing Inspection Light

Miniature / Par 36 Series are utilized for Wing inspection lighting and help assist crew and maintenance for aircraft pre-flight inspection and for illumination during engine start.

Exterior Logo Light

Miniature / Par 36 Series illuminates aircraft logo for ground, taxi and takeoff identification

Landing Gear Light

Par 64 (Q4559X/Q5559) Series are extremely reliable, lightweight, increased service life for countless takeoffs and landing procedures.

Expanded Product Detail


Amglo has engineered a longer lasting landing light for Aircraft use. With benefits over the typical landing light Q4559X. The design of the Amglo Q5559 encompasses better vibration characteristics and longer life.

  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Outperforms legacy Q4559X by 200 hours
  • Filament design exceeds ANSI life requirements producing consistent light output that is maintained throughout lamp lifetime ensuring safety requirements are met.
  • Specialized filament process that prevents sag and arc-outs
  • Minimized weight of the halogen capsule assembly reduces cyclic vibration failures
  • Offline annealing process prevents lens cracking
  • Drop-in replacement uses the same fixtures as the Q4559X
  • Boeing IPC Approved


Amglo engineering has developed a halogen version of the 4551 common taxi light. Offering better vibration characteristics and 12 times longer life than the 4551 lamp offered in the market today.

  • Stretched filament technology used to meet extreme beam angle requirements
  • Refined filament support to ensure vibration resistance
  • Exceeds ANSI life requirements
  • Light output meets ANSI safety requirements
  • Fit, Form and function drop-in replacement for 4551
  • Q5551 offers 12 times the rated life compared to the incandescent 4551
  • Boeing IPC Approved