Disinfection Lamps

Amglo has successfully produced a variety of lamp types with traditional technologies for many decades. One of its core technologies, the Xenon flash lamp has proven to be a viable technology for disinfection applications. There are a number of general trends developing within the world as people learn to deal with pathogens in more sustainable ways. These general trends support the placement of pulsed light as a more powerful disinfection tool. Amglo’s advantage is that we currently manufacture Xenon flash lamps for a host of other uses and can easily design and manufacture lamps in varying configurations and energy levels as an alternative to chemical treatments and provide a better alternative for use in disinfection for water treatment and food processing applications. These systems can be integrated in-line or as standalone units to supplement existing systems.

Specific Lamp Uses

Water Treatment

Increased use of recirculated water for example aquaculture now produces more fish from land-based facilities than do the oceans of the world.  Xenon Flash Lamps can be utilized to killing pathogens in the area of water treatment by destroying the cellular structure of organisms.  Adequate clean water sources for human consumption and Hydroponics applications are increasingly difficult to find. This result is increased reliance on some form of water purification and water capture and reuse

Food Processing

Increased concern for food contamination in the food processing industries.  Xenon Flash Lamps help with concerns over food contamination in the food processing industries as pulsed light is a more powerful disinfection tool.


Xenon flash lamp has proven to be a viable technology for disinfection/sterilization applications.  Pulsed light as a more powerful disinfection tool.

Medical / Facility Disinfection

Amglo lamps are used in various applications to disinfect medical instruments and equipment , flooring, shoe sole treatment hospital robots and shown to greatly reduce HAI occurrences.

Bottle & Cap Sterilization

Pulse lighting can be used to disinfect the interior of PET bottles within their rotary juice and milk filling system.

Ballast Water

Xenon pulsed light has proven to instantly kill and destroy the cellular membrane of the most resistant and hazardous invasive species found in ballast water transported around the world.

Expanded Product Detail


The WDHQ-2808 is a wide bore lamp configured to disinfect a common adult shoe size sole. The lamp bore and power supply is optimized for high peak current providing for a full spectrum light distribution from UVA to UVC. The unique quartz glass door handle shape allows for practical insertion into a trough anodized reflector. The flashlamp power emits up to 2000W per flash and hertz rate can be varied. Treatment time is no longer than 2 seconds.


The AQH-79205 is a linear xenon flashlamp used in high speed conveyer application.  The lamp is designed with a cathode matrix that is ideally suited for stroboscopic operation that is dynamically adjustable depending upon the speed of process.  The broader use of this technology in food production is emerging due to the immediate disinfection results without the complication or production of thermal heat