Medical Lamps

Amglo manufactures customized high-quality lamps for operating surgical light used in operating theatres. Amglo Halogen lamps are precisely manufactured to meet specific light output and color rendering requirements providing consistent and reliable lighting without interruption. Amglo halogen lamps also play are very important role in other medical applications for clinical chemistry or blood analyzer equipment. Halogen lights allow many medical devices to analyze dyes and other agents to identify: disease, cell structures or cancerous cells.  Halogen light technology  can be tuned to allow the: medical research community, hospital equipment manufacturers. and medical testing OEM’s the ability to use its energy to identify and analyze many elements that other lighting types cannot provide.

Specific Lamp Uses

Operating Table

Halogen and Quartz lamps are ideal for ensuring consistent  lighting for critical operating room procedures.

Blood Analyzer

Halogen series lamps complement blood analyzing systems to ensure consistent results when measuring properties of blood and other fluids may be useful in the diagnosis of disease.

UV Sterilization

Xenon series lamps can be used to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying or disrupting cellular functions.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Xenon series lamps provide exacting light where needed for delicate occur surgery procedures.

Medical Robots

Xenon Pulse Lamps for robot makers for surface disinfection units used in hospitals to reduce healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) like MRSA and C-Diff.

Expanded Product Detail

Amglo’s Halogen Medical Lamp Series are ideal for ensuring consistent lighting for critical operating room procedures. Amglo’s lamps are designed to enhance color rendering for greater distinction between blood and tissue during operations. Amglo’s engineering team is able to develop lamps that are specifically designed to meet strict customer needs, including consistent light output throughout the life of the lamp and eliminate drifting during operation of the lamps.