The term flashtube and flashlamp are used interchangeably. It is an electric arc lamp that produces extremely intense, full spectrum white light with bands of UV-Visible-IR transmissions. The spectrum emitted by flashlamps is far more dependent on current density than fill pressure or gas. In most cases, the lamp electrodes are connected to a capacitor charged to a specific voltage while use of a step up transformer pre-ionizes the gas before the capacitor fully discharges the surge current that heats the Xenon gas to a plasma state. Although each flash has a short duration a flashlamp can be accurately controlled to operate in a high hertz mode to give the appearance of continuous light.

The Amglo Company has proprietary technologies in the fabrication and metallurgy of its own cathodes to produce low work function and extended lamp lifetimes. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled to ensure no exposure to moisture and foreign elements in clean room like environment.  Glass and envelope materials are hermetically sealed and blown to various shapes often with the introduction of dopants to provide for different wavelength cutoffs or UV enhancement. Amglo’s Engineering Team does not steer clients to standard products but promotes the design specialty lamps specific to the end use application of each client.

Types of Flashlamps


Short Arc




DC Pulsed

IPL / Pulsed Light

Yag Laser

Dye Laser