Industrial Lamps

The choice of leading OEMs, Amglo’s  lamps are widely used throughout the automotive, aerospace, solar and semi-conductor manufacturing sectors where round the clock operations demand the highest quality light sources for applications that include welding, engraving, weathering, curing and inspection. With a focus on high reliability, optimum performance and long lifetime, Amglo has developed a range of products for industrial purposes where success is measured by efficiency, productivity, and overall cost of ownership.

Specific Lamp Uses

Water Treatment

Xenon Flash Lamps can be utilized to killing pathogens in the area of water treatment by destroying the cellular structure of organisms.


Xenon flashlamps are ideal for curing applications due to broad spectrum, high intensity and generate low heat to substrate material.

Food Processing

Xenon Flash Lamps help with concerns over food contamination in the food processing industries.  Pulsed light as a more powerful disinfection tool.


Xenon flash lamp has proven to be a viable technology for disinfection/sterilization applications.  Pulsed light as a more powerful disinfection tool.

Laser Marking

Xenon Flash Lamps can be used as a marking method to mark materials using a fine spot diameter to enable tracking and traceability across many industries.

Laser Welding

Xenon Flash Lamps can be used for laser welds formed as the intense laser light rapidly heats the material.

Laser Cutting

Xenon Flash Lamps  can be used in the for non-contact laser cutting resulting in high quality dimensionally accurate cuts.

Rapid Thermal Processing / Epitaxy

Used in semiconductor fabrication either to create a perfect crystalline foundation layer on which to build a semiconductor device or to alter mechanical attributes of an underlayer in a way that improves its electrical conductivity. Amglo has spent considerable engineering efforts to design the most reliable and effective lamps in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Amglo lamps provide extended uptime for epitaxy equipment and are manufactured to very strict quality processes.


Expanded Product Detail


The AQH-8953 is a water cooled krypton laser lamp especially well-suited for micro spot welding or fine cutting applications.  The Nd:Yag media is excited with a maximum pulse energy of 50J and maximum peak power of 4.5KW.  Due to its tungsten sputtering process, the AQH-8953 has low and reliable ignition properties and superior lamp lifetime in excess of 5mil shots.


The AQC-79673-1 is an air cooled  xenon filled flashlamp used in curing and disinfection.  Its circular shape is designed for even distribution of reflected light across an 8 inch aluminum reflector.  The lamp cathode is built with extremely dense and temperature resistant materials to prevent thermal hot spots in the quartz material.  The lamp has additives in the gas mixture to produce higher peak energies shifted and optimized for the spectral distribution of interest.