Amglo Announces the Availability of Interior LED Aircraft Lamps

BENSENVILLE, Ill. (January 31, 2023)—Amglo, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty lamps since 1935, announces the availability of interior LED aircraft lighting designed to reduce airline maintenance costs significantly. Offering stable light output for the life of the lamp, for airlines and other carriers, this results in reduced maintenance costs due to the need for fewer change-outs, as well as less downtime and delays.

Amglo interior LED lamps are available for use as replacements for incandescent lamps in backlit switches, push buttons, annunciators and displays and cabin seatbelt and no smoking signs. The light output of each LED lamp is equivalent to the original incandescent lamps they are replacing, with the advantage of much greater life expectancy.
“Looking for ways to shave maintenance costs is top of mind for both airlines and other carriers,” said John Fogel, product manager at Amglo. “Amglo’s interior LED lamps fulfill this goal by providing a significantly longer lamp life that supports the efforts to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve overall performance.”

For a complete listing of Amglo’s interior LED aircraft lighting, download Amglo’s Aircraft Lighting Catalog here.

About Amglo
Amglo Kemlite Laboratories, Inc., established in 1935, is a global manufacturer of specialty lamps. The company services O.E.M. equipment manufacturers and distributors in the fields of aerospace lighting, airfield lighting, medical lighting, vehicular lighting, obstruction lighting, railroad lighting and laser lamp industries. The company’s mission is simple: Provide quality products that meet the needs of customers in a timely manner with the best customer service experience. Amglo has manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. For more information, visit

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