Looking for a Global Supplier of Airfield Lighting? Look to Amglo

Designed and tested to provide the utmost in landing aircraft safety, Amglo provides airfield lighting products that support airfields and airports of all sizes. All our airfield lighting products are engineered to improve uptime, reduce overall operating costs, and overcome extreme weather and vibration conditions faced by airports around the world.

From approach to taxiway to runway, Amglo has a product that meets each specific need. Here is quick look at what you will find in our extensive airfield lighting portfolio:

Inset Runway Approach Lights—Amglo lamps are ideal for inset runway lighting to help guide pilots and aircraft safely to and from the runway.
MALSR Landing Systems—PAR 38/56 Series halogen lamps are ideal for MALSR landing systems, allowing pilots to align the aircraft with the centerline of the runway during instrument landing approach.
PAPI Systems—MR16 series halogen lamps keep PAPI systems up and running to assist pilots in acquiring and maintaining the correct approach to an airport.
VASI Systems—PAR 64 series halogen lamps keep VASI systems up and operational to assist pilots with visual descent guidance information during the approach to arunway.
Taxiway Lights—EXM/EXL series lamps help guide pilots and aircraft safely to and from the runway.
Obstruction Lighting—Our xenon flash lamp series helps to illuminate and meet the needs of various obstruction tower/structures around the airfield to improve safety for aircraft and vehicles.
Airport Beacons—Depending on the application, flash lamps or halogen lamps can assist in providing the correct illumination application for airport beacon operations.
Taxiway Edge—EXM/EXL series lamps are ideal for taxiway edge lighting applications and to assist pilots with maneuvering aircraft on taxiways in darkness or in restricted visibility conditions.
Runway Edge—EXM/EXL series lamps are ideal for runway edge lighting applications and to assist pilots landing aircraft in darkness or restricted visibility conditions.
Runway Centerline—MR16 series lamps provide visual guidance to persons exiting the runway and warn pilots and vehicle drivers that they are within the runway environment.
Taxiway Centerline—MR16 series lamps provide crucial visual guidance for pilots and aircraft during approach, landing, and takeoff.
Airfield Guidance Sign—MR16 series lamps are dedicated to providing illumination for all important airport guidance signs, providing direction and information to taxiing aircraft and airport vehicles.

Amglo airfield lighting products deliver additional benefits including:

They are made in the USA, 100% Q.C. Inspection, IR radiation that provides guidance in all-weather conditions for improved safety, consistent light output over the life of the lamp, and vibration resistance that improves the life of the lamp. Plus, all products are FAA approved and compliant! It is no wonder Amglo has been meeting the demands of airfield and airport operators around the globe for more than 80 years! For more information on Amglo’s airfield lighting systems visit: https://amglo.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Airfield-Lighting-Catalog_Updated-July-2023_FINAL.pdf