Is Your Exterior Locomotive Lighting in Need of an Upgrade?

Three years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, commuter culture is making a resurgence—which is great news for managers of public transit. In late 2022, public transit ridership rose to 70% of its pre-pandemic rate, as an increasing number of workers returned to the office and resumed their commutes. What’s more, workers report feeling grateful for this return to their daily commute because of the ways it helps them transition into and out of their workday.

For managers of commuter railways, this climb in public transit use presents an important opportunity to invest in maintenance or upgrades for exterior locomotive lighting. Although lighting needs may vary based on the type and location of your locomotive, we’ve pinpointed a few of the most important considerations for you to make when it comes to your lighting decisions…and the reasons why halogen lamps check every box.

Consistent, compliant candle power. While federal lighting regulations may vary depending on the type and location of your locomotive, it’s important to ensure your exterior lighting is sufficient to ensure a safe journey for passengers and crew. Operators without clear regulations to follow should opt for exterior lighting that produces between 15,000 and 30,000 candela, a range easily and consistently achieved by our halogen lighting options.

Infrequent and efficient replacements. Despite the Great Return to office work, the pandemic continues to disrupt supply chains in every industry, making it all the more important to upgrade to reliable, long-lasting lamps that are readily available for replacements when needed. Considering that the average lamp change takes twenty minutes, investing in a lamp with a longer life also protects your revenue by reducing the amount of time your locomotive spends out of commission due to repairs.

Durability in a range of climates and track conditions. Your exterior lighting should be able to withstand the same weather and track conditions as your locomotive, including extreme temperatures and precipitation. Our extremely durable halogen lighting options operate at a range of -40°C to 70°C, can withstand a high level of vibration from the track, and are weatherproofed to continue functioning in all types of precipitation—making them a viable option regardless of where you’re operating.

A lens type that meets your lighting needs. Depending on the specific needs of your locomotive, it may be important to consider additional factors such as your lamp’s lens and beam spread. For example, a prismatic lens is the best choice for locomotives that must distribute light over a wide area, whereas a clear lens is more effective for locomotives that need to shine a spotlight down a track.

Compatibility with your short- and long-term goals. Many operators have a goal of upgrading from incandescent to LED, but the high cost of LED lamps means this isn’t something most budget-conscious railways can achieve all at once. However, halogen lamps offer nearly four times the average lamp life of incandescents while remaining at a much more affordable price point than LEDs, making them a viable interim solution as you upgrade to LED section by section.

With workers resuming their commutes in increasing numbers, there’s never been a better or more important time for commuter railways to consider upgrading their lighting options. For more information about how Amglo’s halogen series can ensure safe passage for all of your passengers and crew, check out our catalog here.