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Halogen Lamps

The company’s halogen division manufactures burners with both alumina silicate and quartz envelopes. At power levels exceeding 100 watts, quartz construction is required to handle elevated heat levels. Gas compositions are altered from lamp to lamp to achieve long life and additives are incorporated to protect against arcing contaminants and to insure the proper functioning of the halogen cycle. The company manufactures the filaments used in its burners, which allows the customization of products to solve many special problems confronted by our customers. Coil designs are computer generated and tungsten quality is constantly monitored with the company’s scanning electron microscope. Lamp pumping and back filling operations is computer monitored to assure that only minimal levels of contaminants are present in the product. All halogen lamps are annealed off line, burst testing is regularly performed, and 24/48-hour sag testing on a batch-by-batch basis is standard. Over voltage and accelerated life testing helps ensure that only quality product is delivered to customers. All halogen lamps are manufactured in our Largo, FL facility.

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