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Amglo is pleased to announce that with our special manufacturing capabilities, we have virtually eliminated cement out-gassing in Amglo.manufactured 105W 6.6A MR16 lamps.

Historically, the 105W 6.6A MR16 lamp had exhibited reduced operating lamp life in the OEM,s Inset Runway Lighting equipment. It was revealed that temperatures in the fixtures holding two lamps or more during lamp operation were measured in excess of 350°C. Under these high temperatures, the cement holding the lamp burner in the reflector would out.gas onto the lamp reflector and the lens in the light fixture.

This phenomenon results in significant issues for:

OEM’s when equipment does not perform to the required standard.
Airports incurring excessive costs in maintenance and spare parts (lamps and lenses inside the fixture).
Aircrafts since most are equipped with enhanced flight vision systems for low visibility landings and taxiing operations, which are dependent upon the IR transmissions the lamps produce.

Using a new ceramic material, along with special manufacturing processes, Amglo virtually eliminated the out-gassing on the lamp reflector and fixture lenses. Amglo,s comparative testing in the OEM fixture showed significant improvement in lamp life, up to 3 times longer, than similar competitors’ products.

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