Machine Vision Lamps

Machine Vision Strobes are manufactured for a range of industrial robotics production applications including: sorting, package integrity, quality assurance, edge detection, part recognition label reading. They are typically sources of short duration, high intensity light pulses. The light sources are Amglo’s high power xenon flashlamps. Vision Engineering also offers partnering services including design, prototyping and production of Machine Vision Strobes for customers with special applications.

Specific Lamp Uses


Xenon flash lamp and halogen lamp offerings are ideal choices for assisting in sorting a variety of items from mail, product packaging to food.

Package Integrity

Xenon flash lamps can be used to improve package integrity testing is important in determining the sterility and the shelf life of a product.

Quality Assurance

Xenon flash lamps can help in the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product through every stage of the process of delivery or production.

Edge Detection

Xenon flash lamps used for finding the boundaries of objects within images in areas such as image processing, computer vision, and machine vision.

Part Recognition Label Reading

Quartz halogen or Xenon series lamps for assisting in package label reading and sorting.

Expanded Product Detail


The SA232535 is an extremely short arc length lamp (3MM) sealed within a large bore (21MM) envelope to promote an optimized flash-to-flash output consistency less than 3% variance.  This multi-atmosphere xenon gas filled lamp promotes thermal cooling of the non-polarized cathodes.  This lamp is available in borosilicate or quartz envelope constructions featuring 50Watts of energy dispersed with a varied frequency of 3-100Hertz operation.


LA3SPEXAN is a xenon flashlamp with minimized footprint for compact assembly inserted into a directional reflector. This unique point source of full spectrum white light is a powerful solution for edge detection and part recognition at high speed.