3 Ways Our Xenon Arc Lamps Assess Product Durability

From roofing and decking to ink, paint and rubber, nearly all materials used outdoors exhibit some degree of deterioration after prolonged exposure to the elements. So how do manufacturers ensure their materials will only show reasonable amounts of wear and tear when used appropriately?

Accelerated weathering is a durability test commonly used by the automotive, textile and packaging industries to evaluate how a product will respond to environmental factors over time. This testing procedure is among the many fascinating uses of xenon arc lamps, which create ideal conditions for assessing product resilience.

Here are a few of the reasons xenon arc lamps are the ideal light source for accelerated weathering—and why you should consider Amglo’s products when testing the durability of your materials:

A more efficient process. While durability tests that use natural conditions tend to yield more accurate and reproducible results, this process, known as natural weathering, is also extremely time-consuming. Accelerated weathering, which uses an artificial light source in a laboratory environment, is much more common because of the way it simulates and speeds up the effects of sunlight, allowing for more efficient testing, remodeling and re-testing of materials. As a high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp, xenon arc lamps are a powerful light source that creates ideal conditions for laboratory-based accelerated weathering.

Recreating the effects of the sun. For accelerated weathering to be effective, the artificial light source must be a close match to sunlight. With their unfiltered spectra and ability to create high temperatures, xenon arc lamps closely replicate the effects of sunlight while also accelerating its effects. These capabilities and features mean xenon products are a highly efficient means of demonstrating materials’ reaction to extreme heat, humidity and solar radiation over time.

Testing for safety and quality. From changes in strength and color to oxidation, blistering and cracking, prolonged environmental exposure can result in various signs of deterioration. As a light source for accelerated weathering, xenon arc lamps are commonly preferred by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and are shown to be particularly effective when it comes to the simulating of UV radiation and assessing changes in appearance and color of materials.

Amglo, established in 1935, is a global manufacturer of specialty lamps, including xenon arc lamps. Amglo provides quality lighting options for O.E.M. equipment manufacturers and distributors in a wide range of industries, including applications for aerospace, airfield, medical, railroads, automotives, obstruction lighting and laser lighting.

For examples of our xenon arc lamps—and to learn more about how they can be used for applications like accelerated weathering—check out our catalog here!