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75 volt, 40 watt E26 base lamps

Here are the benefits of Amglo halogen lamps:

  1. Used for for step lights, number lights, engine room, etc.
  2. Long life - 10,000 hours compared to 1000 for incandescent lamps
  3. Superior light output - better for maintenance and operating crews
  4. Light output stays bright for the life of the lamp does not darken
  5. Rugged and dependable made with strong glass will not shatter in your hand
  6. Used for number lights, step lights, engine room lights, etc.
  7. Environmental - less waste and glass going into land fill
  8. Reduces the effort of ordering, stocking and handling lamps
  9. Equivalent light output to the 50 watt lamp, but using only 40 watts = saves fuel.

Amglo part number: AHA-75V40WC-32MM
Here is a cross reference to incandescent lamps (500 hours):

GE Lighting Sylvania Philips Electro-Motive GE Trans
50A19/RS 75V 11068 50A19/RS 75V 50A19/RS 75V 8094886

Standard case size: 40
Availability - from stock or 15 days ARO

Other Amglo railroad lamps:

75 volt, 350 watt PAR56 headlights
75 volt, 300 watt PAR56 fuel saving locomotive headlights and ditch lights
30 volt, 200 watt PAR56 headlights
10 volt, 10 watt, 18 watt or 25 watt lamps for wayside signals, crossing signals, etc.


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